+Alex Dias, Bishop of Port Blair & Chairman, SagritaraSchool

It gives me an immense pleasure to learn that Sagritara School is launching its website. By doing so, we are becoming part of the“Global village” Marshall McLuhan, the great Communications Expert, had written about. He had already predicted the coming of the “World Wide Web” much before it came into existence and became operational. “Sagritara” is jumping on board rather late! But that does matter, especially when it comes to joining the bang-wagon of progress. It is always Better late than Never!

“Sagritara School” was founded in 1968, by Rev. Fr. Mariano Dias, s.f.x., the Superior of the Mission and Dean of Andaman and Nicobar Islands who was working in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands at that time. The Mission of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands was a part of the Ranchi Archdiocese. A man of extraordinary foresight, Fr. Mariano Dias, of happy memory, deserves our administration and grateful thanks.

Fr. Mariano Dias , was well aware that Education was a very important tool, and that it would be the only way for the development of the children, specially the children of the Adivasis of the Chota-Nagpur (Ranchi)region, who were working here in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, in the Forest, PWD and other departments. We take our hats off to the visionary who gave us “Sagritara School”, which has grown, over the year, to its present status of a Middle School, and has been catering to the educational needs of the children of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, particularly those of the Adivasi of the Chota-Nagpur (Ranchi) region. 

I cannot but recall to mind that this growing institution, which has rendered a wonderful service to its students, has had renowned students in its ranks. Theyare rendering very valuable service to society in the islands, as well as elsewhere. Like any other educational institution, “Sagritara School” has its own problems and challenges. Foremost these is to face the slow-learning and lack of motivation among its students. This, of course, is not surprising a tall, when we consider the fact that the students, in many cases are the very first generation at school. The parents of many of them are very little educated or not educated at all. In a challenging situation like this, my call to the staff of “Sagritara” is that they rise to take up this challenge which is in front of them. The greater the challenge the readier the staff must be to face it. The lower the motivation among the students, the greater must be the motivation among the staff. As they say, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”. Rather than think of the students as unteachable, the staff should be prepared to change themselves, and arm themselves with a renewed determination. With a firm trust in God who, “Sagritara” believes, is its First Agent of Formation, and with a good preparation and determination on the part of the Staff, hand –in-hand with the good will and sweat of both the student sand the staff, “Sagritara” will scale great heights. This is my earnest prayer and wish for “Sagritara”. 

It is with great joy that I join in the launching of this school Website. May the “Medium itself be the first Message” – as Marshall McLuhan would have it. May the launching of the school Website add to the enthusiasm and zeal of the Staff as well as of the Students. May the goals “Sagritara”sets for itself, and the dreams it dreams, no matter how lofty, may turn to reality. 

Wishing “Sagritara School” the Blessing of the Holy Trinity and the guidance and protection of its Patroness Virgin Mary, The Star of the Sea. May the school programmes prosper with new resolutions. I wish the verybest to the Staff as well as to the students. It is also my hope that theschool Website will also become a platform for its Ex-students all around thecountry, to know about the progress being made by the school and to renew theirbonds with their ALMA MATER


+ Alex Dias, sfx

Bishop of Port Blair & Chairman of Sagritara School