Message from the Manager’s Desk

The school exists only for the students and all the activities here are centred and at tuned to cater the educational needs of the students in acquiring knowledge, skill, attitude, values and behaviour through opportunities and platforms. This requires committed and dedicated staff in duty to create an environment of result oriented teaching-learning process.


True education, therefore is possible only whenthe school and the family correspond to each other in evaluating, monitoringand pursuing the growth, change and progress in them. This also means studentsmust mind our efforts and hard work in shaping their future and thus, we needto correspond together in the serious task of teaching-learning.


Thank you! Dear parents, for having confidence andfaith in our school and staff and for giving us the opportunity to serve youand your wards. Yes, we do our best to come up to meet your expectations,despite our limitations, challenges and failures.


Sagritara School envisages in imparting valuebased education, covering intellectual, emotional, social and spiritualspheres. It means to teach them socially to love, forgive, peace, share,respect, care, democracy, freedom and social justice; to understand andappreciate the values of every culture and religion; to respect, enrich andpreserve the environment; and to realize that we are all God’s children.


May Almighty God bless our school, our management,staff, students and parents in pursuit of knowledge and May Blessed Virgin Mary,Sagritara (Star of the Sea)- our Mother and patroness of the school guide ustowards JESUS- the Way, the Truth and the Life.


Fr.Arun Kumar Tirkey